Why You Should Hire a Piano Teacher in NYC

Music can be a gift if you are able to learn it well. And learning is always best when you have an expert to teach you. Finding a piano teacher in NYC can help you become better at playing piano. Whether you are a novice or have expertise in music, presence of a qualified and experienced teacher is a must. You can also join any reputed piano school of NYC to get full-fledged training.



At the intermediate level, a piano student’s musical and technical foundations are further developed and strengthened. At the advanced level, a piano student is guided towards developing into an independent musician and thinker/interpreter. Therefore, at all stages of a developing piano student, having a good piano teacher is of utmost importance. Some basic factors that constitute a good piano teacher are qualifications, personality, and teaching experience. These three basic factors will be explored below, in this article.

 Besides these common qualifications that a piano teacher in NYC may have, there are also the pure musical geniuses and amazing masters out there, with plenty of international performing and teaching experience, defying categorizations!

Personality and Teaching Experience.

In selecting a piano teacher, other important factors to consider are personality and teaching experience. Patience is an important characteristic for those in the teaching profession, including piano teachers. It is good to have a dedicated piano teacher who is strict in musical expectations and requirements, but warm in personality, so that the student will progress musically, and yet is able to communicate with, and feels comfortable expressing his/her own ideas/opinions to the teacher. Hitting of the student as a vent by a frustrated piano teacher is absolutely unacceptable! However, it is important for the student’s parents to work hand-in-hand with the piano teacher to cultivate discipline and attentiveness in a child. Discipline and attentiveness are characteristics important for progress in any subject of learning, including piano. A piano teacher should function as a friend, as well as a mentor, working on a long-term goal of developing the piano student ultimately into an independent musician and thinker.

Needless to say, teaching experience for a piano teacher is also important. However, the quality of teaching is as important or in some ways more important than the amount of teaching experience a teacher has.


To conclude this article, having found a qualified and good piano teacher, dedicated to developing the student’s musical abilities, it is best to trust the piano teacher, and stick to one piano teacher for some time as opposed to adopting the “teacher-hopping” philosophy, which seems to be a trendy phenomenon in many places, whereby a tuition student has different teachers every few months. By entrusting the piano lessons in NYC to one piano teacher for some time, there will be a sense of continuity and purpose in the piano student’s journey towards achieving a long-term musical goal and dream.

Whatever be your purpose of learning music, piano always makes a great choice to go with. There are several piano schools of NYC that are popular for their positive reputation and mastery in the instrument.


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