Why You Must See Pakarena Dance?

Pakarena dance is a well-known South Sulawesi traditional dance that has beautiful aesthetic movements. Its popularity is huge as this dance has so many fans in the world. Even in Cultural Bridges Event 2007 between Indonesia and Malaysia that is being held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC), this type of dance (PakarenaGantarang) has been chosen to represent the culture of South Sulawesi and Indonesia.

  1. Fancy traditional instruments is accompanied this dance

When you see the show, you will know that the dance is always done accompanied by many traditional instruments such as two tambours, gong, kannong-kannong, kancing, and a pair of flute which has been known by the name of “puik-puik or tuip-tuip”. All that traditional instruments are played by 7 male music players. To add its unique characteristics, people who are tasked to hit the drum usually do unique things, too. The musical players usually use “bambawa” to do that with some help of both of their hand. Bambawa is a drumstick that has been made from the horn of buffalo. As they hit the drums hard, the sound of the drums is also come strong. This characteristic implies about the strong character of men from South Sulawesi.


  1. Beautiful and talented dancers are going to greet you

Pakarena dancein South Sulawesi is played by four up to seven women. The dancer in this dance must be women. It is because the dance is a presentation about how Gowa women are. The dance is so beautiful that they represent about softness, obedience, politeness and faithfulness.


  1. Attractive clothes are used to fascinate the audiences

The dancers are accompanied by bright costume to attract the audiences. The color of the costume is red, light green, white and yellow. The complete costume of the dance of Pakarena consist of “baju Pahang”, which has been made from woven, “lipa ‘sa’ be”, which is a typical silk sarong that originally come from South Sulawesi, and jewelries. The jewelries also come in complete sets with the appearance of bun, necklace, bracelet and fan in a big size. The costume also represents the traditional look of South Sulawesi’s tribe.


  1. Graceful movements of dance are presented to you

You can see the beauty of this dance by seeing close in every motion of the dancer’s hand and foot. The dance of Pakarena is divided into 12 parts. Usually, it takes one hour to present all 12 parts. Of course, every motion that has been presented in this dance implies a good meaning. The early motion of this dance is started by sitting position. After doing it for a little time, the dancers rotate clockwise. This overall motion describes perfectly about the life cycle of human. After that, it is followed by up and down movements. That movements reflect the wheel of life in every human where sometimes they feel that their life can be in bottom with such dismal condition or sometimes in above when they are being happy. You will learn how to be grateful by knowing the meaning behind this Pakarena dance.

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